Midge’s Mumblings on Awakened Hearts

WARNING: This may present some anxiety to folks with phobias!

I learned a new word today, “Maskholes.” This term was posted “proudly” on facebook to shame and bully people who are not wearing masks out in public. I was shocked, and then I felt sad.

I want you to conjure up one of your biggest fears. You know, the kind of object or situation that gives you heart palpitations, shortness of breath, nightmares, and something you avoid looking at, touching, or doing.

Can’t think of one? Okay; let’s use spiders, or snakes, or swarms of anything! Perhaps that is actually a fear of yours and your heart is already in second gear even seeing the word! Okay, so you have your fear in your mind and now I tell you as I bring out a container holding this item, yep the heart rate just kicked up SEVERAL notches,

“I’ll just put it right here beside you.”

What did you just do? Move away, hold up your hand, trip over your own feet trying to get out of the door?

Now, what if you stayed on the chair and I take out the item and say, ,

“Now, just relax, I am just going to place this on your arm, leg, face.”

If you have more than just a dislike of said item and you truly have a phobia; you would lose your mind.

When I saw the word, “Maskholes” referring to people who are not wearing masks in public, I couldn’t believe it. With everything we’ve been through and are still going through; the ugliness continues. My first reaction was, “are we still in middle school?” Do adults really have to be so mean?

I don’t know all the reasons why individuals are not wearing masks;

I only know why I don’t wear one.

I am living with claustrophobia. I struggle with elevators, closed in areas, being pinned into aisles in stores, crowds, and anything on my face. I can’t stand wearing face paint or even looking at it.

This is not something I understand and not something I have resolved. All I know is, I can’t wear masks while I mow or do yard work, even though, I really struggle with pollen and have had serious illnesses in the past that resulted in the recommendation that I wear a mask.

I just can’t do it.

Yes, I have tried.

So, when I go out, which is VERY RARELY; I am very cautious. I adhere to social distancing, I do not speak to people who are close to me and I know exactly what I need, get it, and get out.

I do know why it is important. I do know the reasoning behind it. I do care about your well being and I do care about lowering the curve. That is why I am home 99% of the time.

So, to my friends who have made comments about posting pictures to shame people who are out without masks, and for other people who are referring to me as a, “Maskholes;” understand this:

Lead with Love……

Lead with Compassion…..

Lead with Empathy……

Lead with Kindness……

You really don’t know everyone’s story.