Worthy Warriors

Midge’s Mumblings on Awakened Hearts: I have experienced heart wrenching pain, been shamed by a religious community, lost friends, endured deaths/losses….. I am sure you have too. Coming through the hurt to the healing forms us. We carry within us a unique and unshakeable power. We are Worthy Warriors; standing, pressing on, thriving with an inner knowing that we are worthy and will not quit until we claim it!

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Midge’s Mumblings on Awakened Hearts: It is June; which for many of us is PRIDE MONTH. A month set aside to honor the brave men and women of who died during violent riots against the police early in the morning at the Stonewall Inn. My mumbling today is two fold: 1. How sad it is that violence often spurs change, and 2. How hope when never dashed by fear can create a moment in time where we can become closer to an open, loving, and vibrant nation. I AM loving, compassionate, generous, kind, authentic, courageous, trustworthy… and I am gay. To love me is to love all of me and I don’t need your approval. I do expect your respect and to be safe while I walk on the streets ….. just as I expect that for every person. Consider today, that PRIDE MARCHES are intended to honor the fallen and to be SEEN in a society that has continuously attempted to dehumanize and demoralize the gay community. Be informed: Stonewall Forever

I didn’t ask for That!

Midge’s Mumblings on Awakened Hearts: Attracting something into my life has to be intentional. I am always sending messages out into the Universe and the Universe responds to my most urgent heart felt desires; however, If I am not aware of my thoughts, feelings, words, and actions I will hear myself saying, “I didn’t ask for that,’ and yet, I did. I can have an amazing life if I stay mindful and intentional.


Midge’s Mumblings on Awakened Hearts: Those light workers who spread love, joy, peace, and kindness into the world need solace to renew. Where is your place of solace? If we don’t refill our vessels we can’t continue to spread loving kindness; METTA

BE Courage in Action

Midge’s Mumblings on Awakened Hearts: Choosing to be authentic is scary, feels vulnerable, and is not easy. As Brené Brown talks about in her Call to Courage Special; when we choose courage; we will have pitfalls along the way. Choosing to live authentically has and will cause push back from people who are not ready to take the path that enlightened and awakened light workers choose.

Catch Core Beliefs

Midge’s Mumblings on Awakened Hearts: An important step in Awakening Your Heart is to catch the Core Beliefs that are controlling your thoughts, feelings, words and actions. Catching, or recognizing the beliefs that are holding you back puts you in control of your journey of empowerment

Happy Birthday to ME!

Midge’s Mumblings on Awakened Hearts: LEAD with LOVE… for yourself, for others who may be like you and who are created to be different than you, for ALL animals, for our planet, for our communities, for our neighbors across the way, for those who are struggling, for those we disagree with because when we lead with love….. love will then find us.